33rd exhibition of the artists and the sculptors of Saint Joachim (France)
After this pleasant weekend spent during the 33rd exhibition of the artists and the sculptors of saint Joachim, I specially wanted to thank the entire staff having contributed to the organization of this beautiful exhibition. Thanks to their implication and to their work, we, artists but also visitors, were able to take advantage of this event full of richness and meetings. One thank you to you all, and see you soon during new exhibitions.


August - September 2017
Summer time is usualy  the time for special events, such as weddings. I propose in this post an original idea to assign the table numbers for such events : to associate a painter with a specific theme by table.

For example, for a wedding in Loire-Atlantique (France), I assigned each table a theme associated with the region. Brière marshes, salt marshes, fisheries, fishing, wave, ... This allows your guests to discover the specificities of the region, and customize an original and unique table plan.

For this occasion, I chose a small size (13x13cm) to free space on the table. The support (canvas board) rests on a small metal easel, purified and which marries the style of the room.

I let you discover some photographs of the event and selected works ...


July 2017
The last paintings are arrived in the "Carré d'Artistes" Gallery in Lille, France.
A little preview...


June 2017
I I propose you to discover my version of a Monet's painting realized in Giverny, "Une allée du jardin", in 1902.

Original work of Claude Monet

I worked with oil as a medium, on a canvas stretched over a frame.

Steps 1 to 5
I usually start my paintings by the background, then come to supper layers ending in the foreground. But for this subject I preferred to start with the first and second ground, because vegetation is used as a frame to the painting, and allows to really grasp the atmosphere. It is still time afterwards to come and sketch the house in the background, and work the details of the foliage over it.
The biggest difficulty in this painting was to reproduce the play of shadow on the way, without having seen the garden in reality. Understanding where the light comes from and how it is projected through the branches and flowers required time and several attempts.

Step 6
Concerning the tonality of the canvas, Claude Monet made several versions, successively in cold colors then warm. The person for whom I made this painting wanted a warmer version, with orange and pink tones.
Initially, I worked in cold tones of greens. This allowed me to get the base of the vegetation. Then I came to work the detail of the flowers gradually adding the warm colors. This work takes time because it takes about 3 weeks between each key so that the oil dries.

Step 7 and 8
The shadows cast on the road did not please me. So I decided to "erase" them and resume the play of general shadow of the canvas. I picked up the shadows in the groves bordering the aisle, and reworked the colors by replacing white touches by ochres and naple yellow. I resumed the shadows on the central aisle.

The aim was not to produce a copy of Monet's work, but to resume his composition and to try to reproduce the atmosphere that this painter could feel while walking in the alley of his garden.

   Step 1 - The frame             Step 2 - The alley                  Step 3 - The alley                    Step 4 - The house                  Step 5 - Path tests           


              Step 6 - Change of tone                       Step 7 - Shadows                 Step 8 - Shadows, Finished painting


Publication in the magazine Art and Design - May, June, July 2017

This year I had the pleasure and honor of being published in the 12th issue of the luxury magazine "Art and Design".

For those who do not know, this quarterly magazine is a recent one in the world of art. The first issue came out three years ago.
The aim of its creator, Harry Bettancourt, is to propose a magazine that directly connects artists with an ultra-targeted audience of buyers, prescribers and collectors. Its sales outlets are therefore limited: the magazine is only distributed on subscription, or in places of prestige such as luxurious hotels, golf courses and a private jet.

The conductor line of the magazine: "With our major targets, we wanted our concept not to be a benchmark of artists known to all but on the contrary a place of discovery of talent."

I leave you a glimpse by offering you the article about my work.

See you soon!

Painters and Sculptors ' market of Rueil-Malmaison, France - May 2017
A sincere thank you to all those who came to meet the artists during this pleasant day at Painters and Sculptors '  market of Rueil-Malmaison (France). See you soon!


May 2017
The painters' market continues its tour in Rueil-Malmaison on Sunday,  May 14th.

You can meet me at booth # 6, on Place Jean Jaurès (the market place).
I will exhibit my last paintings, with this year several large formats 31.5x31.5 inch.

See you soon!

April, 2017
The first glimmers of spring make us want to travel, to escape to enjoy these beautiful lights, still soft and tender.
A taste of travel ....

March, 2017
A small detour in the workshop, where the last oils are waiting a few day more before their transfer into the gallery of Lille. A preview of the latest paintings available from the second week of April in the  Carré d'Artistes' Gallery in Lille, France:



February 2017
Overview on the last paintings available on the "Carré d'Arstistes" ' Gallery at Lille, France:


White over brown

An other look on La Baule, France

January 2017
A short tour of the Loire-Atlantique for this start of the year.
I wish you my best wishes!


                                                                                                  Beach of the gold mine                   Batz-sur-Mer 's Beach


Paris exhibition - Image In Air - From December 15th to 20th 2016


Brussels exhibition - December from 6th to 11th 2016
A preview of the temporary exhibition in the Brussels Gallery, 34 rue de la Violette, which will end on Sunday:


Brussels exhibition - December from 6th to 11th 2016
A preview of the temporary exhibition in the Brussels Gallery, 34 rue de la Violette, which will end on Sunday:


Collective exhibition Emilio Coukidis' Price - December 2016
The collective exhibition for the Emilio Coukidis' Price at Rueil-Malmaison, France,  is coming to an end. An overview of the exhibition:


Collective exhibition Emilio Coukidis' Price - December 2016
The collective exhibition for the Emilio Coukidis' Price at Rueil-Malmaison, France,  is coming to an end ... An overview of the exhibition:


Collective exhibition Emilio Coukidis' Price - December 2016
The collective exhibition for the Emilio Coukidis' Price at Rueil-Malmaison, France,  is coming to an end ... An overview of the exhibition:


December 2016
There are two new paintings you can discover during Bruxelles and Paris December exhibitions :


Summary on the exhibitions by the end of the year
December, from 14th to 20th  2016: PARIS, France
                                                        Espace Image in Air
                                                       119 rue St martin
                                                       75004 Paris
                                                       (En face du centre Georges Pompidou, quartier Beaubourg - Châtelet les Halles)

Decembre, from 06th to 11th 2016: BRUXELLES, Belgique
                                                       Concept Store Gallery
                                                       Rue de la violette 34

From November, 29th  to December 11th 2016: RUEIL-MALMAISON (92), France
                                                       Emilios Coukidis Price
                                                       Médiathèque of Rueil-Malmaison
                                                       15-21 Boulevard du Maréchal Foch
                                                       92500 Rueil-Malmaison

Since Novembre, 2nd 2016: LILLE, France
                                                       Galerie Carré d'Artistes
                                                       83 rue Esquermoise
                                                       59800 Lille
                                                      03 20 57 49 43

November 2016
Some autumnal landscapes inspired in the forest of Meudon, in the Hauts-de-Seine (also visible in the gallery "Impression - Journey"):



Lassay Castle, Normandy, France - October 2016
Here are the finishing touches of a painting started in March, but for which I have spent much time in order to reproduice the very specific atmosphere of this Norman castle ...

Lassay castle, Normandy, France (15.35"x21.55")

October, 2nd 2016 - Painters and Sculptors' Market of Rueil-Malmaison (France)
Thanks a lot for all of those who stopped to see and appreciate my paintings, and thanks again to all the talented artists for this beautiful Sunday at the Painters and Sculptors' Market of Rueil-Malmaison.



A first overview of the paintings for exhibitions in Carré d'Artistes galleries.
These paintings will be exclusively on sale in the gallery  where the exhibition " Carré d'artistes " would take place by the beginning of November 2016 ( for more information, go to the page " EXHIBITIONS "


June 2016

The rain still continues to fall all day long since the beginning of the month, which prevents me from painting outdoors Castle Lassay.
Indeed to paint from real seems to me, for this subject, the best way to restore its soul, its colors and its atmosphere.
But storing brushes? No way!

So I took the opportunity to achieve a goal (dream) that I had secretly set: apply in an international artist gallery.
I took my brushes in hands, and I launched myself into this project.

After a pre-selection by email, I sent 4 pictures on set sizes: two 5.12x5.12 inches, one 7.48x7.48 inches and one 9.84x9.84 inches
After a few days (endless days to be honest) of waiting, I received THE call telling me that I was chosen by the jury to exhibit in their galleries! So nowI have to provide 40 works in the coming months, on the theme of the sea...
Suffice to say that the Castle of Lassay is staring me with worried eyes! But to paint the countryside will give me relief between all these seascape...

I let you discover here below the 4 painteing that allowed me to be selected.
See you soon!


Artist's exhibition in Paris, France - From May 21rd to May 28th 2016

During the week of the POP-UP CREA'ZY STORE, the artist will exhibit her works in the Joseph Gallery at 236 rue Saint Martin , 75003 Paris, France .
Meeting in the underground gallery.

Opening hours :
From May 21st to May 28th, 2016
Saturday, Sunday , Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday , Friday, Saturday 11am-08pm

Access by public transport :
M3 : Arts and Crafts
Bus: station Beaubourg

Free enter!

Come discover talents like no other! Designers, painters, sculptors , workshop leaders will exhibit in a beautiful open space on three levels, a design location in the heart of Paris , Beaubourg district / Arts and Crafts .
Background music, workshops and activities are planned throughout the week.
Come !


April digression - April 2016
As in April days are coming longer and longer and heydays arriving , the temptation to make a digression on the work started in March is so strong that I drag my brushes in order to make two seascape paintings...
Here below are shown two works made this month ... before returning to Normandy on the side of the castle of Lassay !

Seaside, Britain, France - Oil on canvas 100% linen, 8.66"x13.78"

Fishing walk at Ile de Re , Charente- Maritime, France - Oil on canvas 100% cotton, 24.02"x18.11"

Painting in progress - March/October 2016

The Castle of Lassay city, Normandy, France


1- Drawing of main elements                                        2 - Choice of bleu areas                                      3 - First lane of castle areas          


4 - First work on the backgroung                                5 - Landscape and river sketch                           6 - Details, color correction            


Last painting

Sailing on a full moon night
Oil painting on canvas ( 9.5"x11.8" )

Painting in progress - december 2015

Bridge over the Gard river, France

Step 1: Bridge sketch                       Step 2: Background              Step 3: Sketch foreground                  Step 4: Details work

Art Capital exhibition - November 2015
From 24 to 29 November 2015, come and attend the CAPITAL ART exhibition in the glass roof of the Grand Palais in Paris.

Art Capital welcomes every year since 2006 under the glass roof of the Grand Palais, the Society of French Artists, the Society of Independent Artists, the Salon of Drawing and Painting in Water, Living Comparisons.
Painters, sculptors, engravers, photographers, architects, recognized or emerging talents, are found.
A great variety of styles and techniques that reveal the range of artists this year.


Painting in progress - November 2015
After an intense period of daily painting (one painting a day, made over a period of four weeks), and a few days off, the artist decided to return with a more detailed and careful composition.
The progress of her latest work is presented in this section.

Step 7 : Finishing works

Croisic Harbour, Loire Atlantique, France

Step 6: All boats are painted.
The sea and sand are worked to give the impression of a ebb tide.

Croisic Harbour, Loire Atlantique, France

Step 5: Enhancement of lights and shadows and warm tones on the facades.
The working of the lights is not successful, il will be resumed thereafter.
Creation of boats in the foreground.

Croisic Harbour, Loire Atlantique, France

Step 4: Buildings in the background continue to appear.
The photograph has been taken under the day light, unlike the previous one, which explains the tone changes.
The artist is testing colors to simulate the ebbing tide.

Croisic Harbour, Loire Atlantique, France

Step 3: The buildings appear gradually.

Croisic Harbour, Loire Atlantique, France

Step 2: Based on the principle of superposition, the strike wall emerges.
A first draft of the sea is made. It will be re-painted later.
The shy has been modified in order to let some clouds apeared.
The general atmosphere of the scene may be resumed once all elements are painted.

Croisic Harbour, Loire Atlantique, France

Step 1: Sketch of the main elements, setting up the background sky

Croisic Harbour, Loire Atlantique, France

Daily painting

First day: Monday, July 27, 2015    -     Last day: Friday, August 21, 2015

The Daily painting principle is to paint a canvas per day on each business day, and to offer it for sale on the internet the same day. This movement was born in the United States with Duane Kaiser.
The aim is both to improve his technique, but also to make the paintings accessible to anyone, by dispensing gallery for sale and offering affordable prices for all budgets. The rate - one painting a day - usually means choosing small formats.

The artist decided to try it for a month, drawing objects of her daily life, or her travels.
Her aim: to improve her technique, her sense of observation, hier sensitivity, but above all her fun of painting ...
Each painting is daily posted and is available for sale.

The experience is ending ..... Thanks to all the followers and for their support!


Painting competition in Britany, July 2015
07/19/2015 from 08:30 am to 17 pm:

Steps for a painting creation